It's A Shame


Retired Old Fart
It's a shame. It appears as though its been over a month since the last post.

There's a need for a place to discuss LSU sports. ******** has become nothing but a place for political discussion. That's why I quit posting there.


LSU Fanalyst
So stop in daily, make a thread or two about the things you want to discuss, and we'll start conversing about LSU sports. Football season is about to begin, plenty of things to be talked about. Once we get some threads going with some replies, maybe we can get a few of the others to stop over and participate. And with any luck, some of the lurkers will sign up and join in. That's how things start rolling.


Now that season is closer I will try to stop in more often. I've had a busy summer. I definitely plan to come here on game days and chat. Altho I am going to be at the first game so wont be here then