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  1. COTiger

    Will There be CFB This Fall?

    At best, I think we will only play conference games. Maybe an exception can be made for our home game against UT. If we play, it will be interesting to see how many fans will be admitted.
  2. COTiger

    Hello - Hello Is Anyone Here

    All I see is news thread which isn't a bad thing. Lots of things going on with LSU athletics and other sports. Let's discuss. Hell. I'll even be nice to Tiga.
  3. COTiger

    You Gotta Be Sh*tting Me

    The Saints gagged that game away against the Vikings.
  4. COTiger

    Trump Will Probably Attend Game
  5. COTiger

    US Open

    Any one going to watch the Open starting tomorrow? It's being played at the iconic Pebble Beach which I had the pleasure of playing many, many years ago. Trust me, I didn't pay a $550 green fee. As a matter of fact since I was retired military I got the round comped. It's a hell of a course...
  6. COTiger

    I tried to increase the activity here

    by posting to existing threads and creating new threads. It looks like my efforts were futile. It's a shame this place doesn't have more activity. I have yet to find a forum where the quality threads/posts are the norm rather than the exception.
  7. COTiger

    Anybody Here???

    The Tigers are up 2 - 0 in the bottom of the 4th.
  8. COTiger

    D Day Remembrance

    Please take a moment today to remember those from the Greatest Generation who proudly served our country in World War II. My Dad served in Patton's 3rd Army and my father-in-law flew B17's from the UK. God Bless Them All.
  9. COTiger

    LSU Mens & Womens Track & Field Teams @ NCAA Finals

    The Tiger's teams should do well at the finals in Austin. The link is to schedules and TV times. Geaux Tigers.
  10. COTiger

    NBA & NHL Playoffs

    I typically only watch the NBA during the playoffs. I like the Spurs and the Warriors. I'm pulling for Golden State to win it all. I'm more of a hockey fan. I didn't know anything about hockey until I arrived at the Air Force Academy in 1972. I immediately took a liking to it. As far as this...
  11. COTiger

    LSU Baseball/Basketball

    Hess off to a shaky start in the 1st, but escapes without giving up a run. 20+ pitches.
  12. COTiger

    Super Bowl

    Did anyone watch it yesterday? Thank goodness for the 4th quarter.
  13. COTiger

    Size of Text

    I'm going to demonstrate why I rely on my granddaughter for IT support. Is it possible to increase the size of the text. It's tough on this old man with not so good eyesight.
  14. COTiger

    World Series

    Excluding Greg, since we know who he's rooting for, who you got? Since I hate the Dodgers, I'll be rooting for the Red Sox.
  15. COTiger

    We Need More Members/Participation

    Greg has put a lot of effort into building this place. Unfortunately, there just isn't a hell of a lot of activity. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do from up here in CO. Would it be politically correct for us to notify people from other forums to take a look and consider joining us...
  16. COTiger

    Other College Games of Interest

    Auburn beat Ole Miss which should help our SOS. Bama getting ready to put an ass whipping on the Vols. I wonder if the Bama starters will see any action in the second half?
  17. COTiger

    New Amsterdam

    It's a new medical/hospital show on NBC Tuesday nights. It has a great cast and great story lines. I don't watch a lot of non sports network shows, but this is special. Any one else watching it?
  18. COTiger

    Astros on Life Support

    Tough loss last night. Need a win tonight to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Anybody know if they use the Astrodome for anything like trade shows? I had an aunt & uncle who lived in Houston. He was a big baseball fan and took me to a lot of Astros games. Hell, I'm old enough that I saw...
  19. COTiger

    USA Today Predicts 10 - 2 Record I obviously hope they are correct, but I'm also very skeptical. Too many concerns in the OL and at WR.
  20. COTiger

    It's A Shame

    It's a shame. It appears as though its been over a month since the last post. There's a need for a place to discuss LSU sports. ******** has become nothing but a place for political discussion. That's why I quit posting there.