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  1. Bengal B

    Oeaux My!

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    The Armed Citizen

    If more people would defend themselves like this there would be fewer punks who needed defending sgsinst.
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    Baseball Thread 2019

    San Francisco Giants left fielder Mike Yaztrzemski, the grandson of legendary Red Sox Hall of Famer Carl Yaztrzemski was actually cheeded by Red Sox fans when he hit a home run at Fenway Pahk. Somehow I don't think those yells would have been cheers if Yaztrzemski had been wearing a Yankees...
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    The Far Side to Return?

    Let it be true.
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    Saints @Rams

    At 3:25 on Fox Sean Paying and the Saints have agreed to a 5 year extension.
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    Celebrity Deaths

    We've lost another rocker. Eddie Money at age 70.
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    Little Known Facts

    There are only 4186 passenger cars in Greenland
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    A man rushes into a toy store right before closing to get a Barbie for his daughter's birthday. The manager tells him they're all $19.99 except for divorced Barbie, which is $275. "Why so much for that one?" the man asks. "Because," replies the manager, "divorced Barbie comes with Ken's car...
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    Never Forget 9/11/2001

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    8 1/2 hours til kickoff.
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    Weird News

    Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra leaves $80,000 dentures in a Jersey Mikes in Jersey then spends the night looking for them in the restaurant dumpster with pro wrestler pal Sprinkles the Clown.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Les Miles to Kansas?

    Heard they are interested.
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    Saints Thread

    Huge weekend in Louisiana. Not only Tigers vs gumps but Sunday 6-1 Saints host the undefeated Rams.
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    Politically Incorrect Commercials

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    Mega Millions just reached the $$BILLION DOLLAR plateau. Has gone up $100 million since Wednesday.
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    Unique Gent Jacob Phillips
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    New Forum Look

    Big improvement. Xenforo has a lot of features that Tigerfans isn't using. Maybe TerryP would help you with the ones you want to use.