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  1. TigerTap

    How many games will we win if the 2020 season is played?

    Hard to predict with much accuracy yet, due to a lack of info on the team.
  2. TigerTap

    2020 CFB COVID-19 edition

    As of March 29th 2020, we sit & we wait as this virus attacks our country. At this point, we don't really know if there will be a 2020 football season. Too early to even predict anything for certain. It's 5 months away, but will we be past this at that point? I really do hope so. Hope everyone...
  3. TigerTap

    "Summer of Schiff" not a total loss?

    10-25-19 The "Summer of Schiff" wasn't kind to Adam Schiff. No sir. Having been caught in several well publicized lies, he's even been ostercized by members of his own Liberal party. He's been tormented by of his famous "Pictures of naked Trump" recorded call, which was a prank played on him...
  4. TigerTap

    Auburn week has flown by..

    20 years ago..1999 Kind of a dying "Rivalry" recently, imo. Bama has returned as LSU's main Rival, like every other SEC School. Seems like not as much excitement around LSU vs Auburn like there used to be. I think probably because Auburn hasn't won a single game in Tiger Stadium since the...
  5. TigerTap

    Seems Joe has a new nickname...

    Apparently cracking up LSU fans across the nation. :D
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    How we score against Florida

    This how I'd like to see us score our TDs against UF, in no particular order. Of course it never happens the way anyone thinks.. 3 TDs from Joe Burrow. (1 Chase, 1 Jefferson, 1 Marshall) 1 Rushing TD from Emery rushing 1 Rushing TD from CEH 1 67 yard Punt return for a TD by Stingley 1 43 yard...
  7. TigerTap

    Urban Meyer next stop..

    Looks like Meyer is looking to come back...again. Been watching this & it'll be interesting to see where/if he lands. I came up 4 potential landing spots, just looking at super high profile jobs. 1. USC - seem to be the odds on favorite by most accounts, he could make the Pac 10 relevent...
  8. TigerTap

    Sports Illustraed: Greatest Games in CFB History Too bad the writer chose to write more about the Loser of the game. And because he completely ignored 2003 #11 LSU beating #7 Georgia, he might be a commie pinko. :D The semi official birth of Sabanism at LSU...
  9. TigerTap

    All-Time LSU team since 2000-Present?

    My picks for the Best LSU players from the 2000 season until present, to build a great NFL team. I personally didn't include any current 2019 team players. I made this thread because I'm getting tired if seeing the same old names, repeated over & over. The LSU greats, YA Tittle, Billy Cannon...
  10. TigerTap

    O has hired 84 year old former USC coach John Robinson

    (He turns 84 in in 3 weeks) The Hall of Famer checks in at #151 on the CFB All-Time winning percentage list. With Miles at #55 & long time LSU coach Cholly Mac at #93. 41 years ago, Robinson won a Split National Championship...
  11. TigerTap

    Ensminger gets Contract extention to 2021 9th Best SEC Offense
  12. TigerTap

    2020 Recruiting Pretty nice class so far. Hope we get more OL & DL though..
  13. TigerTap

    SEC Shorts is hijacked by the Big 10 show

    Spreading the word of that SEC bias, you betcha!
  14. TigerTap

    Early look at the 2019 Football schedule

    First 5 games....any possible way we don't go 5-0 or 4-1 with these, without Oeaux meddling again? Not sure I've seen a weaker first half schedule in many, many years. Who can thump their chest after playing 1 should be competitive game & 4 cupcakes? Who made this schedule? Verge Ausberry? It's...
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    11 Days until CFB *Have Fulton listed as a running back " man...I guess you could call it a long off season."
  16. TigerTap

    Kentucky Derby watchers?

    WTF? Seriously.. "And on instant replay, were going to DQ the Winner & give the win to a horse not even close....please tip your waitresses on the way out"
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    Congrats to White, Greedy & Moreau!

    Welcome to the NFL! Devin White -Tampa Bay - (1st Round ) Greedy Williams -Cleveland Browns - (2nd Round) Foster Moreau - Oakland Raiders (4th Round) Cleveland Browns look to be interesting this year, with OBJ & Jarvis at WR & Greedy at CB...
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    LSU Mannequin thread

    We got shiny mannequins! da Coach O poses with LSU BOS members. The Official LSU O "Moobs" bumper sticker:. Not bitter! :D
  19. TigerTap

    Best Football Movie? (NSFW)

    I know this is a small category in Hollywood...because it"s Hollywood. Personally, I think the best are The Longest Yard (1974) & The Program (1993) I liked Everybody's All-American (1988) for obvious reasons. But the ending was sort of missing something. They show "The Grey Ghost" getting a...
  20. TigerTap

    Best WRs in LSU History?

    These were the best WRs LSU has had since 1980 to present so far, imo. If you could pick 2 Starters (in their prime) off the Group 1 list & one "Free agent" pick from the Group 2 list, which 3 would you want to battle with? Or.. *You can pick up both DJ Chark & Russell Gage in a "Package...