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  1. mancha

    Dallas Radio talking about the Texas game

    Yesterday I was listening to sports radio in the DFW. They were rehashing the game on Saturday. One of the hosts made a point. He said that these athletes for LSU are basically the same caliber we have had for a decade. A decade we have been wasting our supreme talent on crap offensive...
  2. mancha

    you wanna talk football?

    Well there is a football game on tomorrow afternoon. The Champions League Final! The Lilly Whites take on Liverpoo. COYS!
  3. mancha

    4 LSU players on midseason All American AP team

    Forget the title of the damn article, but Delpit, White, Greedy, and Kick Tracy on the list. Looks true IMO. LSU has been doing it with solid defense and field goals with the offense getting by. They are improving but LSU would not be in this position without the help from kicking and D...