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  1. LSU_4_LIFE

    Rankings: Total Offense & Defense

    I put this on the other board and because it took so much effort, I’ll share here for those that don’t bounce back and forth. Total Offense and Total Defense Rankings (YPG): Clemson: Offense #15 Defense #6 Alabama: Offense #2 Defense #33 Georgia: Offense #12 Defense #7 LSU: Offense #3 Defense...
  2. LSU_4_LIFE

    Meanwhile on another board

    Kikicaca is literally arguing that he would take Kellen Mond over Joe Burrow in a 2 minute drill. I Borderline have him arguing Mond is better than Burrow just because it’s that easy. Quote “Mond is the best QB he has seen under pressure in the last 15 years” Uh........... LMFAO
  3. LSU_4_LIFE

    Thoughts after 3 games

    Maybe I’m too excited, maybe my expectations were too high after the Texas game, but I was angry in that first half last night and at other points in the game. I Poured my drink a little stronger at halftime. I know it sounds crazy after a 65-14 win, but since it’s championships we’re after we...
  4. LSU_4_LIFE

    2019 - Best & Worst Case

    This is the most confident I’ve been about an LSU team in a long time. I’m thinking 2014 or 2015 the last time I felt this good about an LSU team heading into the season. Which actually scares me......... Although I still find it crazy hard to believe we will ever see Coach Ed Orgeron hoist a...
  5. LSU_4_LIFE

    Ed Alexander

    Is big Ed not even on a preseason roster? This is the same guy who sat out the bowl game his junior year only to go undrafted and now hasn’t even made a practice squad? Correct me if I’m wrong. This guy should be helping anchor down our d-line in an LSU uniform this year. Shit pisses me off.
  6. LSU_4_LIFE

    Bowl Game

    so where do we land? I know we’re atleast 5th in the SEC standings. maybe 6th not sure how that plays out. 1st: Bama 8-0 2nd: UGA 7-1 Then 3 through 6 you have LSU, A&M, UF and UK all at 5-3. I know they use rankings but UF and A&M have the head to head over us. A&M has the head to head over UK...
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    Decommitted from Jawja
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    Ensmingers Offense

    Its looks like we’ve found our guy at HC. Coach O has surprised the college football world and impressed. But I think Ensminger is still the equivalent to a bum knee. I don’t think our offense has the fire power to beat Bama and I am afraid it never will under CSE. I’ve been wrong a lot this...