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    [Vandy Thread] Expectations going into the Vanderbilt game

    quality work by Brennan in the 2nd half, no injuries, little drop off with 2’s & 3’s
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    The Far Side to Return?

    Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of The Far Side is coming
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    College Football Tonight

    Mack getting smoked right now down 21-0
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    Best Football Movie? (NSFW)

    as long at there’s two of them....
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    Any Golfers here...

    I can’t. I work for bezos and he’s keeping me extra busy as Q4 is rapidly approaching sure wish I could get back home as it’s been an eternity since I’ve been in Louisiana if every hole was a dogleg left I’d be in business....
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    [What to Expect] Northwestern State vs. #4 LSU

    Will be interesting to see how emery is used. if he sees lots of touches then I don’t think he redshirts if not then I’m not sure Just pray to be injury free!
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    Best Game Winning Catch in LSU History

    that’s what set it apart...when Lesticles was large and in charge the sheer audacity of it all was something else
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    Who you got: 10-3 LSU 2001 vs 10-3 LSU 2018?

    would have been fun seeing that receiving corp against greedy et al
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    New Years Six Bowl: LSU vs. UCF Fiesta Bowl

    not fair... not your money not your site stop it please
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    New Years Six Bowl: LSU vs. UCF Fiesta Bowl

    red zone scoring must improve Great win!
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    New Years Six Bowl: LSU vs. UCF Fiesta Bowl

    I hope top is clearly on our side and we grind it out Tigers by 10
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    Watcha Cooking

    a rustic smoked chicken noodle soup w/German noodles and a home made French bread and garden salad
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    LSU Bowl Projections?

    most have us in fiesta vs ucf
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    Bowl Game

    still have a 10 win season in sight have a month to dwell on it and check out or not