"Summer of Schiff" not a total loss?



The "Summer of Schiff" wasn't kind to Adam Schiff. No sir. Having been caught in several well publicized lies, he's even been ostercized by members of his own Liberal party. He's been tormented by of his famous "Pictures of naked Trump" recorded call, which was a prank played on him, in which Schiff was an anxious participant. This can only be classified as a "Faux Pas", by Mr. Schiff. To be honest, some of the biting critism has been justified.


After not having the proof he claimed he did a few years ago, he's now certain that the key is a Russian gentleman named Eduard Khil. And even though Mr. Khil sadly passed away in 2012, Schiff feels he's found the "Definitive Proof" once again and the final connection he needs to "Spill the beans" on President Trump. While many are skeptical of his latest claim, one can only hope that ge can redeem at least a shred of his dignity, that the "Summer of Schiff" quickly whisked away.

Being a keen follower of Russian music & Russian culture, Schiff found that on certain Eduard Khil records, when played backwards, as most people play albums, Schiff insists he's found his proof. Schiff has subpeoned the Russian Goverment for the original master recordings by Mr. Khil. "I Am Very Glad, as I'm Finally Returning Back Home", comonly referred as "Trololo", is the hit single that Adam Schiff is specifically targeting, at this junction in his discovery.


In a technique called "Backmasking", Schiff believes that the phrases "Call me, Stormy", "I framed Hunter", and "---- you Nancy" can be heard clearly on Mr. Khil's recordings. The main questions skeptics have is how 2019 info, was transmitted either to or for President Trump, as it was realesed in 1976 in the former Soviet Union. However, Schiff has remained dissuaded by these questions, even doubling down on them recently. In a potential connection, the American singing group "The Classic IV", respresentatives have been contacted by Schiff. Sources say their 1968 single "Stormy" has been under scrutiny by Schiff, for unknown reasons. Below is the hit single currently in question. We've included The Classic IV song as well.


-Samantha Whistlebutt (The Onion)
-Hamlarish Shikelstein (Salon)
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